Thursday, April 27, 2017

Food Grade Hoses in NJ

Hoses are hollow tubes that are employed when carrying fluids from one location to another. Sometimes they are also referred to as tubes or pipes and there shape is always cylindrical or have a circular cross section. 

Food Grade Hoses in NJ 
Food grade hoses, also known as sanitary hoses are flexible tubes used for dispensing beverage, food and health products by manufacturers and processing industries. Food grade hoses are important for material transfer, food suction, potable water, and other related functions. The silicone tubing is mostly used in high temperature applications. Food grade hose are designed in a way that ensures safety when used for food substance intake and does not pose any danger of contamination upon usage. 

The food grade hoses in NJ available at The Hose Shop are certified and endorse for usage upon meeting the required manufacturing standards specified by nutritional and dental regulatory bodies like the FDA, USDA, NSF, FSIS, EU, and other certification agencies because of the way it is produced, packaged and usable. 

Food grade hose is a quality product manufactured from element like PVC, thermoplastic rubber, polyurethane, vinyl and silicone rubber well as natural rubbers with zero taste and no odor. One unique features of the Food grade hose is that it can be sterilized with a durable useful lifespan. Food grade hose are design in different sizes, colors, pressure rating and chemical compatibility which are suitable for many for purposes.

Types and application of food grade hoses
It is important for businesses such as restaurants and cafeterias to make use of food grade hoses in their cleaning and service applications. Tubing that dispenses liquid such as sodas or water should meet a certain criteria from the Food and Drug administration. The same is applicable to items used for spraying water or cleaning chemicals in the preparation section, and also the sink where dishes are washed.

Hoses has different types with many applications which can be used in homes, gas stations, vehicles, restaurants, hospitals and many other places. 

Vinyl units, Rubber hoses, Nylon hoses and others all have different features and sizes; all have durable lifespan. However, to elongate the useful life of a food grade hose, you should not be exposed to a lot of ultraviolet sunlight because it weakens the vinyl which may eventually result to cracks on the hose.

Once you are done with work, you should coil the hose and store it. As rule of thumb ensure that you drain all the water from the hose. This is to prevent the water from freezing inside the hose thus damaging it.

When you need to get Food grade hoses for your business or private use, you need to look for a reputable company where you can get quality food grade hoses that are made in compliance with required international standards. You can also look for genuine reviews and recommendations online to help you choose the best. 

We at The Hose Shop have will have a wide variety of quality food grade hoses for different applications in the food, dairy, wine, beverage, cosmetics, health, science & pharmaceutical industries.

For more information about our food grade hoses in NJ, please call us at 732-562-1000. One of our hose experts will be happy to help you find what you need. 

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