Friday, January 17, 2014

Industrial Hose Fittings Available for Any Application

Hydraulic hose systems exist to transport fluids from one location to another. This process is possible because of industrial hose fittings. Industrial fittings can accommodate all types of applications, from low pressure jobs to various pumps.

Fittings are essential for hydraulic systems to function properly, because fittings ensure that the hydraulic systems do not lose necessary fluids as the fluids are transporting from one location to another.

Fittings come in standard and customized sizes, which is why they can work in a broad range of applications. It is also important that the fitting is crafted out of the proper material for the application it is being used for. Fittings should be able to resist corrosion. While fittings can be made of different materials, the most common material used for industrial hose fittings is stainless steel.

Whether your application requires a round fitting or a fitting with multiple openings, the right type of fitting can be found for you with the help of a professional.

The Hose Shop offers a wide array of hose products, such as industrial hose fittings to fit your every need. Some of the types of fittings The Hose Shop provides includes:
  • Bauer
  • CAB
  • Cam Lock
  • Chicago
  • Flange
  • Garden Hose
  • Ground Joint
  • NST
  • Tri-Clamp

For more information about the type of industrial hose fittings you need for your hydraulic system, contact The Hose Shop today.

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Middlesex County Hydraulic Hoses

There are many applications that require the use of hydraulic hoses in Middlesex County. From heavy machinery in factories to skid steers and backhoes, hydraulics are a key element to the operation of these machines. When a  Middlesex County hydraulic hose fails it can halt an operation which costs time and money. Even when you go to store where you think they would have what you need, they don't have the size or length of hose you need for your application.
The hydraulic hoses we manufacture range in crimping capabilities from medium, high to ultra-high pressures. The pressure ratings we offer range from 1,000 to 5,500 psi. We have the ability to fabricate hydraulic hose assemblies of one, two, four and six hose harness. These assemblies are made in any quantity in a matter of minutes.

This is what sets The Hose Shop apart from other stores. At The Hose Shop we supply a wide array of hydraulic hoses and hose fittings that will have you operating again quickly. Even if we do not have a particular hose in stock, our custom shop will create the hose you need. That's what The Hose Shop does, that's who we are. Your Middlesex County hydraulic hose needs will be met when you come to The Hose Shop.

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