Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Air Compressor Hoses NJ

On today’s blog, we at The Hose Shop would like to discuss air compression hoses in NJ, their uses and pricing. This type of hose is an accessory that sends the pressurized air flowing out of the compressor to attached application tools. Hose conveys the air flow and acts as a connection between the two systems. All are familiar with the air hoses used in garages to inflate tires with air delivered by a compressor. The major pricing determinants of these hoses are diameter, length and material.
Air Compressor Hoses NJ 
While air compressor generates high pressure air, some connection is necessary to deliver the air flow from compressor outlet to the application tool. Hose pipe connects the two systems or dispatches air flow to the action site by two adapters fixed at its two ends. The compressed air flow may be necessary for functioning a nail-gun, sander, drills, paint guns and many other pneumatic tools and appliances that do not work on electricity.

The compressor may be stationary and the application tool or site may be distant from it. Sometimes heavy portable compressors are carried by car to the job site which may be a construction area and the compressor may need to deliver air flow to various pneumatic appliances from the car. Air compressor hose comes into play in these cases.

For general purpose and household applications a 25 ft long and 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch diameter hose is sufficient. Apart from these two common measures, other diameter hoses are also available for industrial purposes. Good quality hoses should be flexible, durable and withstand high temperatures.
The connectors at the two ends may be turned by a lathe or molded in parts. Lathe shaped connectors are durable while molded ones tend to crack or leak fast. Hose pipe should be free from leak and protected from damage during use. Connecting good quality hose at the application tool side gives better air flow supply. Long hose pipes come coiled up in a reel which can retract the hose. A good quality reel provides protection to hose pipes and house them inside a metal casing.
Body material of the hose is very important. Generally Polyurethane (PUR or PU), a polymer of organic units linked by urethane or carbamate linkage are used to manufacture high pressure compressor hose. This compound is physically flexible, resilient, lightweight, and can withstand frictional wearing to some extent.

Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) is another synthetic material composed of thermoplastic polymers which is used to make hose for special applications. They can withstand high pressure up to 145 PSI or more. Rubber is the most preferred material for hose pipes. They are abrasion resistant, withstand high temperature and pressure and highly flexible.

The key to choosing air compressor accessories and tools lies in knowing the capacity of your air compressor and the planned applications. Your accessories must be compatible to the air compressor and the compressor must have sufficient capacity to power the attached tools. This is one of the reasons you need to engage a professional to help you get quality and reliable tools and accessories and you will definitely get a great value for your money. If you have any questions you can always ask our friendly staff at The Hose Shop.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hydraulic Hoses in NJ

When you use the road as often as you do, your vehicle is bound to encounter problems.  One of the issues often faced by motorists is emergency roadside instances that involve hydraulic hose repair. Today, we at The Hose Shop would like to discuss hydraulic hoses in NJ. Hydraulic hoses often age with regular use, whether they are used in normal service conditions or whether they are left in storage. Please note that hose failure does not point to poor product performance but rather a natural dilapidation of any mechanical part.  

A hydraulic hose is often an ignored element in a vehicle, but it is an essential one to remember. When a hose fails suddenly, the consequences can be dire for the motorist.  Some of the issues one has to deal with include increased cost of material and labor, out of the blue downtime, as well as damage to the hose. One cost-effective method that can ensure that your hose is operational is by checking the system regularly to determine whether or not it requires replacing.

Hydraulic Hoses in NJ 
The life span of hydraulic hoses
The life span of hydraulic hoses relies heavily on the quality of the hose, as well as the hydraulic fittings and your rate of usage. As a general rule of thumb, hoses require replacement every one to two years, based on the circumstances that the hoses are used.  The best method to keep track of your maintenance is by maintaining a log of all your replacements and instances of failure. Over an extended period of time, you should get a rough estimate of the life cycle of your hoses.

Signs of damage
As well as regular replacement, you also need to be vigilant regarding the signs that point towards worn out hydraulics. In almost all failures, the issue always has to do with kinking, crushing, pulling or abrasions. The stress that is applied to the hydraulic system may cause the system to fail even before the next scheduled replacement. Some of the forewarning signs that one may encounter include:
  • Crushed holes- crushed holes tend to lead to the buildup of pressure which can then result in the bursting of the hoses.
  • Oil leaks- leaks that occur around the hose may indicate that the entire system needs replacing.
  • Exposed wiring- exposed wires around the hose are often a sign that replacement needs to occur.
  • Cracked fittings- fittings that are broken need replacement. In such a case, it may also be safer to replace the hose just to ensure everything is in working order.
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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Fill-Rite Products Distributor

Fill-Rite is a household name that is synonymous with fuel and energy products especially pump and pump accessories. On today’s blog we at The Hose Shop would like to discuss the benefits of Fill-Rite products. At The Hose Shop we are a proud Fill-Rite products distributor. Fill-Rite products are not limited to the fuel industry alone as they are used by individuals, organizations or companies that render related services. Fill-Rite Products include:
  •  Fill-Rite Fuel Pumps
  • Fill-Rite Diesel Fuel Pumps
  • Fill-Rite Biodiesel Series Fuel Pumps
  • Fill-Rite Non-Electric Hand Pumps
  • Fill-Rite Rotary Vane Fuel Pumps
  • Fill-Rite Hand Pumps
  • Fill-Rite Fuel Transfer Pumps
  • Fill-Rite Remote Fuel Pumps
  • Fill-Rite Cabinet and Pump Dispensers
  • Fill-Rite Dewatering Pumps
  • Fill-Rite Diaphragm Pumps
  • Fill-Rite Precision Flow Meters
  • Fill-Rite Accessories and much more

With Fill-Rite products, it’s not only just about pumps and what pumps can do but about durability and quality end results. This is why there are accessories like liquid flow meters, digital meters, mechanical meters, suction pipes, fuel hoses and nozzles; of different types and sizes for every Fill-Rite product.

Why You Should Choose Fill-Rite Products:
Fill-Rite Products Distributor
  • Durable: Fill-Rite products are durable, you don’t have to keep buying over and over again since they last for a very long time once you use them well and follow routine maintenance where necessary.
  • Ease of Use: they are easy to assemble, install and use. Fill-Rite products also come with instruction manuals just in case you need to troubleshoot.
  • Design:  There are as many Fill-Rite products as there are many fuel, energy and automobile needs. The products come in various design classic designs that are inspired by technology. The design of every Fill-Rite product makes it the perfect product for fluid dispensing or transfer and related issues.
  • Affordable: You get value for your money with every Fill-Rite product you purchase. It is quality within your financial means.
  • Performance: Fill-Rite products are known for optimum functionality. A plus side here is a great customer support team that can help you if you ever get into a fix.
  • Trusted Brand:  Fill-Rite Products are made to stand the test of time and use. Year after year, it has gained the trust of generations 50 years and counting and is the industry’s standard for pumps and its accessories. Every product has a 2-year warranty that you can trust.
Getting Fill-Rite Products
Fill-Rite products are available at The Hose Shop which has two locations in Piscataway and Matawan, New Jersey. As official distributors, we understand the ins and outs of all our Fill-Rite products.

Fill-Rite products are more than just a brand. It is the industry’s standard for quality and professional pumps and accessories that are affordable. You make the right the best and the right choice every time you purchase a Fill-rite product; what you want is what you get!

To learn more about us as a Fill-Rite products distributor or to learn more about The Hose Shop, call us today at 732-562-1000. One of our experts will be happy to speak to you.