Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Hose Shop in Branchburg, NJ

Are you looking for a Hose Shop in Branchburg, NJ? The Hose Shop has 3 Hydraulic Hose Shops in NJ, that serves local industries in New Jersey for decades, with precision, durability and great customer care. We are known as “The One Stop Shop” for our knowledge of everything you need for your hose.

In today’s use of hydraulic and pneumatic compression applications, most parts are universal were as one fitting can be easily replaced. There are times that older equipment might have an out dated connection part or the fitting is no longer available. When these parts break, corrode or expand and a replacement cannot be found, our hose shop in Branchburg, NJ will fabricate and customize any hose, hose fitting and hose application for your convenience.

At The Hose Shop in Branchburg NJ, also have hose coupling machines that allows the fitting of the hose to expand from the inside rather than crimping from the outside. This will allow the casing material flowing through the hose will not cause any build up and your service will run more efficiently with less chance of malfunction.

The Hose Shop will process your hydraulic hose needs in a matter of minutes. We have crimping capabilities that range from medium, high, and ultra-high pressures with ID’s ranging from 3/16" to 2" ID. Our shop has fabricated assemblies of one, two, four, and six wire hoses with pressures ranging from 1000 to 5500 psi reducing costly down time. The Hose Shop in Branchburg. NJ provides replacement hoses for many types of hydraulic equipment, including agriculture, air conditioning, HVAC, plastic injection molding, and many other manufacturing usages.

For more information on hose accessories, hose parts and hoses, please call our professional hose sales department today at 732-562-1000.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Types of Hydraulic Hose Fittings in NJ

Are you looking for a Hydraulic Hose Fittings in NJ? The Hose Shop has a wide variety Hydraulic Hose Fittings in NJ, to help you find the right hose fitting that you need.

Hydraulic hose fittings are major components used for connecting pipes, tubes and hoses in hydraulic systems. They are so crucial in machines that using the wrong type of fittings can reduce the effectiveness of your hydraulic system or even damage it. Therefore, it is important that during repair or maintenance of your hydraulic system, you use the right type of hydraulic hose fittings. The following are the most common types of hydraulic hose fittings used in many machines.

ORFS Fittings
These types of fittings are also called O-Ring Face Seal, and they are one of the most popular hose fitting types out there. They come with a special grove which is constructed to the fitting, thereby allowing an O-ring rubber lie between the end of the tube and the fitting. The ORFS fitting is one of the fittings which provide the most leak-proof seal for your hose.

JIC Fittings
The JIC fittings are best suited for hoses with thin to medium thick walls. These types of fitting come with a tip which has a diameter of about 37cm, giving rise to the name 37cm flare fitting. It works by creating a seal through metal-to-metal contact which presses the flared part of the fitting against the end of the hose, just as the outer part is secured into place.

Flareless Fittings
Just as the name implies, flareless fittings do away with the flares typically found in other fitting types. Rather than the flares, these types of fittings have an acorn-like structure which allows it to settle well into the end of the hose. They are the best fittings types for repeated usage because they can be tightened/loosened without damage.

Besides using the right hydraulic hose fittings, the quality of the fittings also helps ensure your hydraulic system operate efficiently and optimally. Thus, you should make sure you get your hydraulic hose fitting from a reputable supplier, such as The Hose Shop Inc.   

For more information about Hydraulic Hose Fittings in NJ contact the hose shop at 732-562-1000.

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