Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Snow Plow Cylinders in NJ

Looking for snow plow cylinders in NJ? It’s snowing, and most of the town is sitting in their homes, close to the fire, listening to their favorite winter jingle, maybe, “Winter Wonderland” or “It’s Cold Outside.” Either way, snow doesn’t mean a day off for you. When it snows and the others are relaxing, you’re out working, you’re out plowing. Snow is your busy season, when you get up out of bed and take to the streets to clean the mess on your properties and around town. Then don’t be without the right accessories for your snow plow.

At The Hose Shop, we understand how important your job is. Clearing streets for the safety of your community is no small task, which is why we provide leading brands that have built trustworthy names within the industry. Your operation requires dedication and knowledge, and at the Hose Shop, we meet you with the same dedication and expertise about our products, outfitting you with high quality snow plow cylinders in NJ to get the job done without incident.

In order to ensure you get the most out of this plowing season, you need to be sure that your plow is ready to handle the long winter. You should check all of the parts for wear and general damage. Part replacement is a simple process that turns your plow from slow and chugging to quick and powerful. Snow plow cylinders in NJ are vital to the overall plow performance. Many of our customers have requested a bit more information about what these cylinders do and how.

There are several types of cylinders available for a snow plow, each for a different system. Two common types are lift cylinders and locking cylinders. Whilst serving a similar purpose, each is designed to complement the system in which it’s placed.

A lift cylinder is found in the hydraulic plow systems. Using hydraulics, the cylinder is what helps to raise the snow plow up off the ground and into its fighting stance. A common plow system known as BOSS makes use of hydraulic snow plow cylinders in NJ to keep the blade from moving around while driving.

There’s also a locking cylinder. You’ll find these only on plows with V-blades to help master the plow’s capacity for dealing with sharp angles. An internal value will lock itself in place automatically and cannot be adjusted. This keeps the piston in its place so that each half of the blade stay in place.

If you’d like to buy replacement snow plow cylinders in NJ or find out more on our inventory, please contact The Hose Shop today at (732) 562-1000.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Snow Plow Hoses in NJ

When it snows, you need to be sure that your plow is going to work. This means that all the parts are solid, well-built, and able to handle the job. Snow plow hoses in NJ are of vital importance. What good is a top of the line plow if the hose is low quality? At The Hose Shop, we can help you get the most out of this snow season with leading snow plow hoses in NJ on the market today. Our professionals are knowledgeable on hydraulic hoses and the materials used to fabricate them, and can outfit your operation with hoses that perform for years to come.

No two hoses are the same. Some are built longer, others from different materials. Everything is built, however, with one main purpose: to assist in the snow removal process. We have long snow plow hoses in NJ that begin at 45 feet. If you need something longer, ask about our 65 foot and 70 foot hoses. Longer is not always better, it simply depends on the type of plow and amount of strenuous work it must do.

You can also find hoses that have both MPR and FPR fittings. The hoses can also be found with either one swivel or two swivels. Again, this is all dependent upon the style of plow you’ll be using for your snow removal project. Plows in our inventory can be fitted with 90 degree swivel ell fittings, 90 degree male elbow fittings, and the ¼’ hydraulic coupler that is an industry favorite. If you need hydraulic snow plow hoses in NJ, look no further.

Snow is a wonderful gift from nature. However they present hazards and dangers in many situations. That is why snow plows are so important to the hustle and bustle of daily life in the winter seasons. Your snow plow deserves the best accessories to make sure it won’t fail under heavy pressure. What good is a plow that doesn’t swivel or move when needed? With affordable snow plow hoses in NJ, you can be sure that even the biggest pile of snow is conquerable without spending a big pile of cash. 

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Leaf Vacuum Hoses in NJ

Leaf vacuum hoses in NJ help keep autumn at bay! Lawn care and maintenance is vital to keeping up your home’s curb appeal. Landscaping duties can be difficult without the proper tools. This is especially true in the autumn, when leaves begin to fall from the trees and onto your lawn. The season is not named “Fall” without a reason. But all this falling can be a nuisance without the means to get the leaves away from your property. When using the appliances for this job, a solid leaf vacuum hose is vital to the collection process. At The Hose Shop, we use our combined experience and knowledge gained over two decades of trusted business to outfit industries and individual customers alike with hydraulic leaf vacuum hoses in NJ that perform with power and longevity. We know that you need a hose that will accomplish the job time and time again, which is why we stock leading brands to control foliage at competitive rates.

Leaf collection and lawn care in general comes with a variety of dirt and debris sucked into the machines. The hose must be built to handle this traffic. High quality leaf vacuum hoses in NJ must also be built to withstand all types of abrasions, rips, tears, and heavy removals. That is just the nature of the job. That is why the expert craftsman who bring these hoses to the market took the time and care to select the right materials guaranteed to hold up against even the dirtiest of jobs.

Thermoplastic leaf vacuum hoses in NJ are among the most common type of hose on the market. This material is known for its ability to handle heavy duty lifting. It is also a very affordable material, offering you a solid product at a value price. Nobody can argue that. Thermoplastic is also reliable because it can stand up against all sorts of environmental conditions. These include UV rays, Ozone gases, and heavy moisture. The material’s ability to stand strong even with large amounts of debris is why they rank as highly recommended leaf vacuum hoses in NJ. Add to this that the material is extremely flexible, will last for years to come, and comes in an assortment of thicknesses for different needs.

While thermoplastic is an industry standard, hoses also come in urethane, neoprene, PVC and more. Of course, that is all dependent upon what you’ll use the hose for. So be sure to ask the experts when making your purchase.

When you speak with one of our professionals, we'll get to know your needs and match you with a hydraulic leaf vacuum hose that will perform the job to your satisfaction. We are proud of our years of service to industries, always on the look out for hoses that will make your job easier.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Leaf Collection Hoses in NJ

In the autumn, leaves can pile up quickly. Before you know it, there is an insurmountable collection from all the trees in the area, right on your lawn. And how are you going to tackle the pile of leaves? With a rake? A shovel? Your band hands? Don’t be silly! There are leaf collection hoses in NJ built to make the process quick and easy. And at The Hose Shop, our collection of leaf collection hoses combined with our experienced professionalism will leave you with the hose you need to keep foliage under control. We have over 20 years of experience outfitting our customers with hoses for multiple industries and uses, and we pride ourselves with our expert level of knowledge and dedication to serving all who come into our store with prompt service tailored to your needs.

Leaf collection hoses can be built from an assortment of materials and serve a variety of purposes. All built around one goal: cleaning up leaves in no time at all. Ask about the different options available in accordance to your needs. Some of the materials we offer for new leaf collection hoses in NJ include: urethane, thermoplastic, polypropylene, rubber duct, and PVC. These hoses are the most efficient way to clean up any pile of leaves. Each was crafted for different benefits, so be sure you inquire more about the different types when you visit or give us a call.

These hoses are made to last a long time as well. Due to the dirty nature of the job, you must be sure the hose is quality or you’ll have more than a headache on your hands. That is why we offer leading brands when it comes to your high quality leaf collection hoses in NJ. We understand how much debris, materials, and other components can be sucked up during the leaf removal process. That is why the hoses are built to handle all of these materials, and more.

In order to do any job the right way, you need the right materials. A pile of leaves is only as good as the speed and efficiency by which you’ll remove it from your way. Trees are beautiful, and so are the leaves they produce. Still, we would prefer they stayed where they belonged: on the tree itself. Nothing can be done about the changing seasons. Instead, we use our human ingenuity to provide a solution. In this case, leaf collection hoses in NJ do the job.

For more information about our collection of powerful leaf collection hoses in NJ, call the professionals at The Hose Shop today at (732) 562-1000.