Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Hose Shop in Branchburg, NJ

Are you looking for a Hose Shop in Branchburg, NJ? The Hose Shop has 3 Hydraulic Hose Shops in NJ, that serves local industries in New Jersey for decades, with precision, durability and great customer care. We are known as “The One Stop Shop” for our knowledge of everything you need for your hose.

In today’s use of hydraulic and pneumatic compression applications, most parts are universal were as one fitting can be easily replaced. There are times that older equipment might have an out dated connection part or the fitting is no longer available. When these parts break, corrode or expand and a replacement cannot be found, our hose shop in Branchburg, NJ will fabricate and customize any hose, hose fitting and hose application for your convenience.

At The Hose Shop in Branchburg NJ, also have hose coupling machines that allows the fitting of the hose to expand from the inside rather than crimping from the outside. This will allow the casing material flowing through the hose will not cause any build up and your service will run more efficiently with less chance of malfunction.

The Hose Shop will process your hydraulic hose needs in a matter of minutes. We have crimping capabilities that range from medium, high, and ultra-high pressures with ID’s ranging from 3/16" to 2" ID. Our shop has fabricated assemblies of one, two, four, and six wire hoses with pressures ranging from 1000 to 5500 psi reducing costly down time. The Hose Shop in Branchburg. NJ provides replacement hoses for many types of hydraulic equipment, including agriculture, air conditioning, HVAC, plastic injection molding, and many other manufacturing usages.

For more information on hose accessories, hose parts and hoses, please call our professional hose sales department today at 732-562-1000.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Types of Hydraulic Hose Fittings in NJ

Are you looking for a Hydraulic Hose Fittings in NJ? The Hose Shop has a wide variety Hydraulic Hose Fittings in NJ, to help you find the right hose fitting that you need.

Hydraulic hose fittings are major components used for connecting pipes, tubes and hoses in hydraulic systems. They are so crucial in machines that using the wrong type of fittings can reduce the effectiveness of your hydraulic system or even damage it. Therefore, it is important that during repair or maintenance of your hydraulic system, you use the right type of hydraulic hose fittings. The following are the most common types of hydraulic hose fittings used in many machines.

ORFS Fittings
These types of fittings are also called O-Ring Face Seal, and they are one of the most popular hose fitting types out there. They come with a special grove which is constructed to the fitting, thereby allowing an O-ring rubber lie between the end of the tube and the fitting. The ORFS fitting is one of the fittings which provide the most leak-proof seal for your hose.

JIC Fittings
The JIC fittings are best suited for hoses with thin to medium thick walls. These types of fitting come with a tip which has a diameter of about 37cm, giving rise to the name 37cm flare fitting. It works by creating a seal through metal-to-metal contact which presses the flared part of the fitting against the end of the hose, just as the outer part is secured into place.

Flareless Fittings
Just as the name implies, flareless fittings do away with the flares typically found in other fitting types. Rather than the flares, these types of fittings have an acorn-like structure which allows it to settle well into the end of the hose. They are the best fittings types for repeated usage because they can be tightened/loosened without damage.

Besides using the right hydraulic hose fittings, the quality of the fittings also helps ensure your hydraulic system operate efficiently and optimally. Thus, you should make sure you get your hydraulic hose fitting from a reputable supplier, such as The Hose Shop Inc.   

For more information about Hydraulic Hose Fittings in NJ contact the hose shop at 732-562-1000.

The Hose Shop – Your trusted source for Hydraulic Hose Fittings in NJ.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Hydraulic Hose Service in NJ

Are you looking for Hydraulic hose service in NJ? The Hose Shop has been providing Hydraulic hose service in NJ for many years with great customer care.

The Hose Shop stocks and distributes a wide variety of hoses, products and accessories. We are located in New Jersey and distribute our products globally for commercial, residential and industrial uses. Our large inventory allows us to ship or begin work quickly. We also provide a number of services on these products. Our skilled mechanics can build and customize hoses for any use. We work with any kind of industrial or hydraulic hoses.

Our facility contains 101,000 sq ft where we store over 60 different brands of hoses, couplings, adapters and accessories. These are all high-quality products that we sell at affordable prices. Along with these, products, The Hose Shop also provides several services, such as hydraulic hose fabrication and repair, industrial hose fabrication and repair, and cylinder repair.
We have supplied and fabricated hoses for mass transit, railroads and airports. All of our technicians are specially trained to fabricate and install new hoses when they need to be replaced. We have worked on every type and brand of hose and have all of the necessary knowledge to repair anything that comes our way.

Some of the many types of hoses that we supply and work with include:

  • Air Hose
  • Cement Hose
  • Chemical Hose
  • Fire suppression
  • Flexible ducting
  • Food and beverage Hose
  • Marine exhaust
  • Material handling
  • Metal hose
  • Natural gas/LP gas
  • Petroleum
  • PVC/plastic 
  • Sandblast
  • Steam
  • Teflon
  • Tubing
  • Water
  • Welding
For more information on any of our services or products, call The Hose shop at 732-562-1000
The Hose shop  - Your trusted source for Hydraulic hose service in NJ 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Hydraulic Hose manufacturer

 The Hose Shop is a great Hydraulic Hose manufacturer. Based in New Jersey, The Hose Shop has been deemed 'the one stop shop' for all hose needs since 1985. The Hose Shop not only provides quality hydraulic hoses and other hoses in America but exports them worldwide as well. Our experienced technical staff, extensive inventory, and multiple work stations allow us to fill custom orders in a matter of minutes.

Whatever your hydraulic hose needs, you are assured of getting it in no time when you visit The Hose Shop. Our knowledgeable technical staff, with over 100 years of experience to call upon, have the ability to help you design a hydraulic hose assembly to meet your specific needs and to manufacture whatever assembly you had in mind. At our one stop hose shop we have the ability to fabricate assemblies of up to 6 wire hoses, with pressures up to 5500 psi. Our five crimping stations are capable of providing medium, high and ultra-high pressures with ID's from 3/16” to 2”ID and allow us to complete the order on the spot. 

For more information call The Hose Shop at  732-562-1000 or visit one of are locations to find out how we can meet all your hydraulic hose needs.

The Hose Shop - Your trusted hydraulic hose manufacturer in NJ.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Industrial Hoses in NJ

Are you looking for Industrial Hoses in NJ? The Hose Shop is a New Jersey-based company that distributes Industrial Hoses in NJ. Our 101,000 sq ft facility is filled with many different types of hoses for industrial, commercial or residential uses. Our staff has the experience and skills to repair and fabricate the hoses to suit any specific needs.

Suppliers and manufactures provide hundreds of different kinds of industrial hoses. They also offer thousands of different fittings and couplings to go with the hoses. This can make replacing the industrial hose assembly stressful for anyone. 

The Hose Shop carries a wide variety of industrial hoses in NJ. Our professional team works with you to understand your needs and outfit you with an industrial hose that will perform for years to come. We feature hoses for many industries, including agriculture, forklifts, recycling plants, steel mills, and many more. Visit Hose Shop today to speak with our experts about your industrial hose needs.

How do you know which hoses and other assembly pieces are right for your needs? 

The Hose Size
The hose size specifically refers to the diameter. If you are using the correct size, it will limit the amount of pressure you lose. This prevents industrial hoses in NJ from being damaged when heat is generated or there is an excessive amount of turbulence.

You can find the size information by looking at the print on the layline of your original hose. If the printing has been painted over or is worn out, you could cut the original hose to figure out what size it is. Naturally, you should also make sure you are using the right size hose. Just check the manufacturer’s recommendation for the hose assembly to make sure the original hose is the proper size.

The Temperature
You need to be aware of the minimum and maximum temperature the system you are connecting the hoses to can reach. This is important to prevent the industrial hoses in NJ from being damaged by excessively cold or hot temperatures.

The Material
There are many kinds of hydraulic fluids you could be passing through your hose. It is important to select a hose that is compatible with whatever fluids your system is using. After all, the viscosity level of the fluid will impact the lifespan and the performance of the entire assembly.

The Fittings
The general rule when working with industrial hoses in NJ is to have the least amount of connections as possible. Utilize the manufacturer’s information to confirm the right fittings for your assembly.

It is vital to take your time and choose the right hoses and fittings for your assembly. Utilizing the wrong parts could make the entire assembly a safety risk.

For more information about our affordable industrial hoses in NJ, call The Hose Shop at (732) 562-1000.

The Hose Shop - Your trusted source for Industrial Hoses in NJ.

Monday, September 24, 2018

The Hose Shop

Are your looking for a hose shop? The Hose Shop Inc. prides itself on providing great customer service.

If your industrial plant involves the transfer of products such as fluid and dry bulk from one part to the other, you will be using hoses and hydraulics to run the processes. Given that not all processes across different industries are the same, you will require a reliable source of your accessories to avoid downtime at your plant.

Most hydraulic hose shops distribute tubing, industrial hoses, clamps, bands, hydraulics, coupler, and connectors. Many others custom fabricate the accessories as per the applications for your industry. Other hose shops also have a complement of pumps, cylinders, motors, drives and other custom units. The Hose Shop has been deemed a “one stop shop” since the eighties when we first opened. As a hydraulic hose shop we know just what you may need and will be happy to assist you.

Selecting a hydraulic hose shop
As a company, seek a hydraulic hose shop that you can work with as partners and not as a one-off purchase. Building a relationship helps in getting better prices and preferable credit terms in the end.

Start by evaluation the kind of products sold by the shop. Not only should the products be specific to your need, but they should also be of the highest quality. This will prevent expensive replacements and leaks during the process. We can assure you that at The Hose Shop we only sell quality items that we can be sure are built to last.

Moreover, seek a hydraulics shop that also does repairs. Not all accessories will need replacement. Sometimes the cylinders and pressure accessories just require repair to get them working again. Hydraulic shops that also do on-site repairs provide the convenience of having the equipment, especially large ones repaired on site. 

Sometimes you need a qualified technician to assemble the hoses and other accessories. Find out if the hose shop also offers custom hose assembly services. During the maintenance, you would also want to ensure whether the hoses are in their right condition for the fluids running through them. Seek the services of hose testing and certification too.

At The Hose Shop we want to insure great services at fair prices, so we won’t overcharge you like other companies might. We are highly qualified in our field and work to make every penny of our services and products worth it. For your sake, we don’t want you to seek from unqualified individuals just to save money. Such a decision may lead to the loss of cash in untimely replacements and recurrent need for repairs. Quality hydraulic systems ensure smooth running and fewer maintenance costs.

If you would like more information on any of our services or products, call The Hose Shop at 732-562-1000.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Hydraulic Hose for Tractor Trailer

Are your looking for Hydraulic hose for Tractor trailer ? At The Hose Shop we feature a wide line of industrial Hydraulic hoses and industrial hose accessories that solve your Tractor trailer hose problem. The Hose Shop has an extensive inventory and our industrial hose expert staff can help you chose the right industrial hose for your needs.

Since 1985, The Hose Shop has been providing clients with industrial hoses and industrial hose fittings solutions. Our wide range of industrial hose products stored in our warehouse, enables us to provide same day service in most cases. We carry leading hose brands in Tractor trailer industrial hose products. We have a team of expert industrial hose fabricators that will ensure you get the right hose for the pressure level of the job. At The Hose Shop, we understand that industrial hoses are an integral part of your Tractor trailer, and down time could be costly. We will ensure that your operation is back up and running as fast as we can.

We have three locations ready to help you with your hose and hose fitting needs. The Hose Shop also offers several services for your Tractor trailer business including hose repair for Tractor trailer and hose cylinder repair for Tractor trailer. Contact The Hose Shop today and we'll give you a quote on the Tractor trailer industrial hose you need.

For more information about Hydraulic hose for Tractor trailer, call The Hose Shop at (732) 562-1000.

The Hose Shop- Your trusted source for Hydraulic hose for Tractor trailer.