Friday, July 31, 2015

Hose Clamps in NJ

Are you looking for hose clamps in NJ? Hose clamps are an attachment used on hoses to secure them, preventing liquid from leaking from the connection to whatever the hose is connected to--usually referred to as a barb or nib. Hose clamps are placed on the hose before a connection to a nib is made, then tightened around the hose and nib to ensure that the hose does not come loose or fall during flow. Home clamps in NJ range in their uses, though they see most practice in the automotive industry as well as some uses around the house.

Hose clamps in NJ are typically very easy to use, though they are not meant for repeated uses. Most hose clamps require little more than a screwdriver to untighten and tighten them for a secure connection to a nib. Other hose clamps are easier connected with or require the usage of a standard jaw tool, side jaw tool, or straight jaw tool, and can be used for mid-pressure flow connections. Most hose clamps in NJ are utilized for low-to-mid-pressure connections. For industrial, high-pressure hose connections, larger hose clamps are required for the job.

When you are looking to complete a task and require hose clamps in NJ, the Hose Shop has what you need for the job. Our experts will help you find the right hose clamps and tools to complete any job, keeping things safe and dry, without connection leakage. Come in today for our expert hose services and top industry brands.

Whether you need clamps, bands, sleeves, ferrules, or a bolt-type setup, The Hose Shop is the place to come for all your hose attachment needs. Please call us today at: 732-562-1000 to find out exactly which of our many hose clamps in NJ are best for your application.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Industrial Rammers and Tampers

Industrial rammers and tampers - you need them, we have them. At The Hose Shop, we carry a wide variety of industrial rammers and tampers to match your needs and budget. These tools are necessary for compacting soil and sand in such applications as cable trenching, pipework , backfilling foundations, and foundry molds. We carry quality products that are designed to withstand tough jobs while keeping dirt and grit from getting inside their internal components.

At The Hose Shop, we pride ourselves on providing the very best in customer service. No matter what it is that you need, our trained staff will help you find it. The Hose Shop was deemed “The One Stop Shop" back in 1985 when our doors opened and we continue to be that destination today.

Let us help your business acquire the industrial rammers and tampers it needs to get the job done. If you are interested in our selection of industrial rammers and tampers, please contact The Hose Shop today at

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Stainless Hose Fittings Dealer in NJ

Are you looking for a Stainless Hose Fittings dealer in NJ? The Hose Shop is proud to be a certified dealer of Stainless Hose Fittings products and accessories. If you're in need of quality Stainless Hose Fittings products in NJ, our team of experienced and knowledgeable sales staff can help you.

Stainless Hose Fittings is an American manufacturing company that specializes in stainless crimp fittings for hose distributors across the United States and abroad.  The company was founded in 2002, and has expanded to the manufacturing of adapters, instrumentation fittings, valves and tubing making them a leading source for hose fittings and other components. The Hose Shop believes in offering our customers high quality products to ensure their hose components are tough enough for the job at hand. That's we carry Stainless Hose Fittings products at affordable prices for our clients.

If you are in need of a Stainless Hose Fittings dealer in NJ and would like to see our availability, call The Hose Shop at 732-562-1000. We look forward to helping you.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Ingersoll Rand Tools Dealer

Are you looking for a trusted Ingersoll Rand tools dealer? The Hose Shop offers an impressive selection of Ingersoll Rand tools and equipment. As an authorized dealer of the Ingersoll Rand products, The Hose Shop Inc. features an extensive catalog of tools and other equipment made by the renowned company.

Industrial business owners rely on Ingersoll Rand tools for their performance and reliability. No matter how tough the application, Ingersoll Rand tools are can handle the work. Ingersoll Rand maintains a high standard of quality that is hard to match by other tool manufacturers, when it comes to their industrial, commercial and professional tools and equipment. The Hose Shop is proud to be an authorized Ingersoll Rand tools dealer, carrying a wide selection of Ingersoll Rand products for affordable prices.

If you'd like more information about our Ingersoll Rand tool prices or availability, please contact The Hose Shop Inc. today. You can call us at 732-562-1000. We look forward to helping you with the Ingersoll Rand products you need.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Manuli Hose Distributor in NJ

Are you looking for a Manuli hose distributor in NJ? The Hose Shop Inc. is an official Manuli Hydraulics distributor in NJ that carries a wide variety of Manuli Hydraulics products, parts and accessories. We offer industrial business owners from NJ with affordable prices and a large stock of the Manuli hose products they need for their industrial and mechanical equipment.

Manuli products are designed to be used in a wide variety of industrial applications. Manuli Hydraulics are intended for industrial fields, such as construction, agriculture, earth moving, transport, mining and shipping. Industry professionals Trust Manuli hose products for their quality fabrication and long life. As your trusted Manuli hose distributor in NJ, The Hose Shop Inc. is committed to providing industry owners with the Manuli hose parts and accessories they need for affordable prices.

At The Hose Shop, we pride ourselves on offering our clients with extensive hose product knowledge and great customer service. Whether you need Manuli hoses in NJ or Manuli hydraulic quick couplings, our trained staff will help you find it. The Hose Shop is the one stop shop for industrial business owners searching for a Manuli hose distributor in NJ they can count on for reliable selection and fair prices.

Let us help you with the Manuli hose products you need for your equipment. If you are looking for a Manuli hose distributor in NJ, contact The Hose Shop Inc. at 732-562-1000. We look forward to helping you with Manuli Hydraulics products in NJ.