Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Gift Ideas for the Handyman in Your Life

With the holidays just around the corner, the frantic search for gifts is only going to get more hectic and difficult. The Hose Shop Inc is now a dealer of Ingersoll Rand products and parts, and for your last-minute shopping a cordless Ingersoll Rand power tool is the perfect present for work around the house or on the job site.

As an industry leader for more than 100 years, Ingersoll Rand brings value and dependability to every product that comes off the line, and with the improvements to lithium-ion batteries and high torque impact, this power in the palm of your hand is as strong and reliable as anything on the market. The Hose Shop Inc can provide you with these Ingersoll Rand hand tools as well as expert insight into what the perfect gift for either weekend fix-ups or everyday abuse in construction, utility or similar lines of service.

The Hose Shop Inc has been helping customers find what they need since 1985 and as the technology changes we have continued to stay at the cutting edge of all hose parts, hose accessories and much more.

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