Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Metal Hoses NJ

Metal hoses in NJ have all sorts of applications. There are probably uses that are unique to you and your personal business or operation. Still, these hoses are some of the most sought after products for maintaining various industries. Each customer brings something unique to the table. 

At The Hose Shop, you'll find the metal hose to fit your application. Our professional hose specialists give you the information you need about each metal hose and assist in locating one within your budget. We are committed to your satisfaction, and our years as a trusted supplier of metal hoses in NJ has developed our company as a reliable source for metal hoses and supplies.

Below are some of the most common applications we have heard from our long standing customer base.

Food Industry

This may seem a bit unlikely, but a high percentage of our customers are from the restaurant and food industry. In these type of kitchen situations, there are tight spaces that requires gases and other fluids to pass through narrow gaps. What better than a metal hose to flex itself through, save space, and provide unlimited freedom to move stoves, refrigerator, and other appliances.


In such refineries, you'll find oils in various stages of development. From crude oil, you get petrol and other usable fuels. It stands to reason that these oils must pass through some type of hose system in order to keep everything moving within. Our selection of metal hoses in NJ offer a solution for you.

Water Treatment

When cleaning water for drinking, agriculture, and other uses, we can imagine how much liquids pass through a water treatment facility on any given day. The most liquids, the better suited a metal hose is for the plant and its ease of operation. If these hoses were to burst, then there would be a massive spillage. Metal is sturdy and allows for more volume to pass through.

Chemical Industry

When creating and manufacturing chemical compounds for pharmaceutical companies and other important uses, again, there are many moving parts. Some of these chemicals are toxic, others dangerous if exposed to another compound. It is critical that everything work according to plan. With metal hoses in NJ, there is no potential danger. It's clear sailing, and production as intended.

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Friday, March 18, 2016

Stainless Braided Hose NJ

Metal hoses in New Jersey have a wide variety of uses. But each type of metal or style of hose bring something unique to the table. One of the most popular types is the stainless braided hose in NJ. With so many different items on the market, it may be difficult to choose the right model or type. So how do you choose the hose that's right for you and the job you're performing? It's only possible with research, otherwise you'll be playing a tricky game of trial and error.

The Hose Shop features a stainless braided hose in NJ for your application and usage. Our hose specialists are knowledgeable on various brands and their features, giving you the information necessary to make informed purchases. At The Hose Shop, we are committed to your satisfaction. We deliver expert customer service and durable hoses by trusted brand names to ensure that your hose works when and how you need - at a price to meet your budget.

It should come as no surprise to longtime users of a stainless braided hose in NJ, but this type is widely used in the racing industry. Because the hoses are meant to endure even in the face of high speed fluid exchange, you'll find them a perfect fit for all sorts of racing cars and vehicles. But this is not the only application.

In the factory setting, there are a lot of high-speed appliances that require precision in many regards. You'll find these stainless steel braided hoses in high quantity in such items. This also holds up on the assembly line where computer automated manufacturing is done at such high speeds and require the correct calculations be performed in a fraction of a second.

You will find these hoses in the oil industry, chemical manufacturing plants, and other industrial settings. Although not as flashy as a race car, anywhere these braided hoses are used, you can be sure there is a guarantee of quality of performance you won't find with a typical hose. Not only is a stainless braided hose in NJ durable, it is built to specification. No headache, no hassle, no worry.

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Monday, March 14, 2016

POR15 Products in NJ

Rust is a silent killer. Well, not really a killer, but it's silent and it does cause harm so gradual, you may not notice it until it's too late. When rust attacks your metal, you may be left scratching your head, wondering how you can reverse its damage. You may even consider throwing your rusted items away. Well, for every problem there is a solution. And the team at POR-15 has given you a solid solution for all of your rust related woes and concerns. The Hose Shop proudly features POR-15 products in NJ, so you can say goodbye to rust and watch the metal find new life after you swore it off for death.

The Hose Shop is committed to providing our customers with expert customer service, trusted products, and long lasting solutions. We've listened to the concerns of our customers and have found a solution in POR-15. When you speak to our hose specialists, we will offer you information and benefits about POR 15 products in NJ. We give our customers the knowledge they need to make informed purchases. Our dedication to providing you with leading products has allowed us to develop as a trustworthy, reliable hose company in New Jersey.

You may be left with a little doubt. This is because you've trusted similar claims from other products that promised to rid your life of rust forever. And then you tried them to no avail. Forget about the past. POR-15 products in NJ promises you a new future.

The POR-15 products get at rust from the foundation. This rust is caused by metal exposed to moisture, which causes oxidation. The POR-15 products will bond to this rusted metal and change the chemical buildup. Not only does this mean the rust is washed away, but also that the metal won't rust again.

Think of POR-15 as rust's worst nightmare. A better way of looking at it is that POR-15 is metal's best friend. No metal wants to rust on you, but sometimes nature takes its course. Using a chemical process that gets at the root of the rust, you get more than a band-aid solution. You get a permanent surgery that fixes all the wrongs in the metal.

If a rust-free life is something that sounds good to you, then contact us today. We'll help you find POR 15 products in NJ for your intended purpose. Then, together, we can send rust to the abyss.

Our selection of POR-15 products is conveniently located near the following counties:

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

American Made Hose in NJ

Remember when “Made in the USA” meant something? Or, a better question is: do you remember when you could actually find products that held this label? The United States built its reputation as one of the best examples of an industrialized nation for a good reason: the land always stood for quality and durable materials. In some industries, this is still a reality. Particularly in the manufacturing of hoses of all types. This trend is coming back with strong results in the industry, and we hope to continue this trend and bring you a quality American made hose in NJ.

The Hose Shop, established in 1985, is committed to serving our customers with expert customer care and leading products known for their durability and reliability. We have experience with a wide variety of hose brands, and have kept those that give optimal usage and customer satisfaction. An American made hose in NJ by brands including Parker and Dixon, to name a couple, provides quality solutions when you need them. At The Hose Shop, our hose professionals will assist you in finding the hose that fits your industry, application, and price-range.

One of the biggest benefits to buying an American made hose in NJ is that it helps you to promote your brand. When customers hear that your products were made and purchased here at home, they are much more likely to trust and support your ongoing success. Using American made products helps the economy and provides more jobs and opportunities. More than this, your customers will see that you stand for the quality that made our nation great.

Hoses come in all shapes and sizes. Many contractors may be confused with regards to the metric system and how it effects their work. You can find hoses measured in both, and the differences can really effect the work. Using the American standard measurement system, you don't have to become a scientist to understand what you're buying and building. Inches and their fractional counterparts are easy to understand, even for the laymen.

Another benefit to an American made hose in NJ is that you can be sure they will work as intended with your American appliances. Buying other hoses is not always a recipe for success. Often times the fit is not as comfortable as you'd like it. Think of it like this: you can buy a cheap iPhone charger at the dollar store or you can buy one from Apple. They both do the job, but which would you prefer?

For more information about an American made hose in NJ, call The Hose Shop at (732) 562-1000.