Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Food Grade Hoses in NJ

On today’s blog, we at The Hose Shop want to discuss the benefits and applications of our food grade hoses in NJ.

Food grade hoses are hoses and tubes made from materials that are safe and will not contaminate food upon contact with it.  These hoses are flexible hollow tubes that are designed to come in contact with food, carry fluids and other materials from one place to another. Also referred to as sanitary hoses, they are preferred by food and health products manufacturers and processing industries.
Food Grade Hoses in NJ 

They are certified food grade based on meeting certain specifications from the FDA, USDA, NSF, FSIS, EU, and other certification bodies for having direct or indirect with foods or beverages in their production, packaging and serving processes. There are certain requirements set by the FDA for food grade hoses and the materials they are made up such as polymers, paper, fillers, rubber, metal, coating plasticizers, and other physical ingredients. Food grade hoses are important for material transfer, food suction, potable water, and many other related functions.

Food grade hoses and tubes are usually made of PVC, thermoplastic rubber, polyurethane, vinyl, silicone rubber, and other suitable materials. They are odorless and tasteless. The most common type of food grade hose is the water hose which is found practically everywhere. Food grade plastic hose is also used for the processing of dry bulk and liquid. Food grade plastic tubes are used for dispensing liquids, air lines, agricultural and high temperature applications.

Food grade hoses are designed to be chemical resistant, wear resistant and sustain high pressure. They can be sterilized.

The Pros of Food Grade Hoses

  • Food grade hoses do not contain dyes, hazardous chemicals or harmful recycled plastic.
  • Food grade hoses are useful as they do not contaminate or affect the quality of the products they come in contact with.
  • Food grade hoses can be used in selective manufacturing processes to maintain the exact nature and quality of results.
  • They can be used to maintain food safety and reduce the occurrence of food poisoning or food-borne illnesses.
  • They can be trusted for use in safe and sterile environment for the transfer of sensitive materials.
  • They are also used for transfer processes that involve food contact and food products.

Purchasing Food Grade Hoses
Food grade hoses are sensitive products that should not be randomly purchased. It is important that buy food grade hoses from a reliable company with a reputation for quality products that meet international standards.

At The Hose Shop we have many food grade hoses to choose from and many experts ready to help you select which one would suit your needs well. All our products meet and exceed industry standards. To learn more about our food grade hoses in NJ, please call us today at 732-562-1000. One of our hose experts will be happy to speak to you. 

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