Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Parker Hose Products Distributors in NJ

Parker Hose Products & Solutions

Parker Hose products have been at the forefront of the hydraulic hose and fitting market for over a century. Parker Equipment offers more products and configurations than any other manufacturer in the industry. With so many product choices available, you’ll be able to find exactly the high quality product you need at a price that’s fair and accurate. The following are just a few of the solutions that Parker can provide. With the help of The Hose Shop a Parker hose products distributor in NJ, you will find everything you need. 
Parker hose products distributors in NJ 
Mobile Climate Systems
When you’re driving long distances, a comfortable climate is a necessity. Parker Hose offers a wide range of mobile climate systems to keep truckers cool and comfortable.

Equipment & Accessories
Whatever you need, Parker Hose offers the equipment and accessories to get the job done. A variety of hose crimping machines will let you assemble factory quality hoses. Crimping accessories include cabinets, cut-off saws, die racks, conversion kits, and much more.

GlobalCore is Parker Equipment’s leading hydraulic hose solution, reducing the number and complexity of necessary parts. A variety of cover options are available, so customers are ensured of getting the cover they need for whatever their application may be. For compatibility, GlobalCore aligns with ISO 18752, and can support your needs, wherever your equipment might have originally been manufactured.

Hosefinder App
Parker hose products distributors in NJ 
If you’re not sure what you need or which product might be the best solution for you, try Parker’s HoseFinder application, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. Hosefinder lets you search all Parker products and narrow them down to the ones that will work best for you and your geographic location.

If you need hydraulic hose and fitting solutions, it’s best to choose a manufacturer you can trust. Parker Hose products go above and beyond to provide a customer service experience and product satisfaction that you can depend on. In fact, thousands of customers have already been depending on Parker Equipment for over a century.

For a Parker hose products distributor in NJ Look no further than The Hose Shop. Contact them at 732-562-1000.

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