Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Industrial Hoses

Industrial hoses have an enormous variety of practical applications for dozens of different industries. From oil to chemical engineering from food and beverage production to pharmaceuticals, industrial hoses play crucial roles in making America work.

Unlike your garden variety garden hose, industrial hoses are built out of tougher materials to better handle heavier use and are often proofed to handle hazardous substances. Some hoses are designed to handle gasses and not liquids. Others simply transfer air pressure. It’s actually quite amazing what a piece of flexible tubing can do.

Here are a few types of industrial hoses available at The Hose Shop.

Water Hose – There is more variety to the classic water hose than you might have expected. While
Industrial Hoses
still used for watering in industrial scale irrigation and gardening, water hoses are also useful for cleaning heavy equipment and the insides of storage tanks, for drainage and to put out fires.

Air Hose – Air hoses are frequently used for compressors, pneumatic lines, blowing machines, spray guns, sprayers and more. You can see them being used in garages, mines and construction sites as well as countless other industrial applications.

Chemical Hose – In industries where handling hazardous chemicals is necessary, chemical hoses perform the vial role of moving the chemicals where they need to go while keeping them safely away from people. Chemical hoses are designed to withstand extreme heat and acidity and can withstand heavy activity in hostile environments.

Steam Hose –  These hoses are able to transfer super-heated steam and withstand enormous amounts of pressure. Steam hoses are useful for a variety of machines including vulcanizing machines (which convert natural rubbers and polymers into stronger materials), injection molding machines, steam cleaning and hot pressing.

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