Thursday, March 16, 2017

Dixon Sanitary Hose Products in NJ

Hoses find various uses in every part of our lives. They are manufactured in different types, shapes and sizes. Hose pipes are made of different types of materials to suit the applications they are put to. One type of hose according to application is the sanitary hose. Sanitary hoses also known as hygienic hoses were developed and are practically in use because they are cleanable be it by dismantling a system and manually cleaning it or using a clean in place process. When you use Dixon Sanitary Hose Products for your fittings, there will be a limit in entrapment areas where bacteria could form or harbor. Now you see you are so safe with our sanitary hose products.  At The Hose Shop we have many Dixon sanitary hose products in NJ.

Dixon Sanitary Hose Products in NJ 
Dixon Sanitary nylon braided Hoses are usually hoses that find wide application in Bathroom fittings and connections. They are corrosion resistant and flexible; they are connections / shower Tubes made of colorful hoses giving aesthetic looks and adds elegance to your bathroom decor. Dixon offers a full line of flexible smooth FEP, PTFE and PFA lined sanitary hoses for Chemical and solvent suction and discharge, pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Load cells, hot CIP solutions and other Industrial applications. Smoothbore fluoropolymer lined hoses are recommended for sanitary, pharmaceutical processing, distillery flex connections, high purity, and high temperature applications. Our sanitary hose products are; Phthalate free, lightweight, flexible, have low drag resistance. The covers of our hoses are abrasion, oil, and chemical resistant, they possess smooth glossy covers that resist dirt and mold. Also, they have ozone and fade resistance cover that guards against premature aging. They are easy to clean, resistant to mechanical stress and static grounding available. The main purpose of sanitary hose products is to ensure the best and simplest method of obtaining a safe and healthy economy.

With our sanitary hose products, your plumbing fittings cannot go wrong.

To learn more about our Dixon sanitary hose products in NJ, please call us at The Hose Shop at 732-562-1000. One of our hose experts will be ready to speak to you.

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