Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Dixon Products Distributor

Dixon is an industrial specialty manufacturer that was opened in 1916 by Howard W. Goodall. It supplies hose fittings and their accessories to a wide range of industries that includes dairy processing, fire protection, mining, construction, petroleum dairy processing, and other industrial manufacturing industries. The company also maintains a warehouse, manufacturing, and service facilities all over the U.S. and across five contents with its headquarters in Chestertown Maryland. Dixon distributors serve the areas where the company has no offices. We at The Hose Shop have been an official Dixon product distributor for many years. So if you’d like to shop specifically for Dixon products we’re right here for you.

Dixon Products Distributor 
Dixon has been a reputable company that has been producing high quality products for a hundred years, and we are very proud to distribute their products.  Dixon is a pioneer in the development of a variety of couplings and related accessories that include air hammer and ground joint couplings, universal malleable iron couplings (that come with a safety lock feature,) steel hose menders, dredge sleeve clamps and plated hose fittings among others.

Over the years, the company has patented a variety of products and acquired several companies along the way. It has become a leading supplier in many markets out of the US too. Some of the areas where the company holds patents for the coupling designs include quick action fluid coupling, poppet valve assembly, ground joint coupling, socket assembly, one-piece metallic threaded insert, self-tightening and self-aligning house coupling among others. 

Dixon has several divisions that manufacture equipment to serve given applications in the market. Below are all its divisions.

Dixon brass
This division was opened in 1929 and manufactures products that include welding connectors, barbed hose fittings, reusable fittings, grease fittings, D.O.T air brake fittings and compression fittings among others.

Dixon Bayco
This is the division provides petroleum, dry bulk, and flotech overfill detection equipment. It targets dry food processing and petroleum companies. 

Dixon Eagle
The department designs, manufactures and test bellows seal gate, globe valves. The valves regulate fluids and eliminates emissions to the atmosphere

Dixon Fire    
The division manufactures a wide range of firefighting products that include nozzles, fire hose, reels and racks, LDH suction hoses and many other products.

Dixon Sanitary
This division manufactures 316L and 304 line of stainless steel tubing, sanitary fittings, pumps, and valves that are used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, beverage, food, industrial and dairy markets

Dixon quick coupling
This is the division tasked with the manufacture of pneumatic, and hydraulic disconnect couplings to a wide range of companies.

Dixon specialty products
The products under this division include PTFE hose assemblies, swivels, ball joint armored, hose restraints, spring guards, swivel joints and GSM hose. The products are meant for special connections and safety guards in a variety of industries.
Dixon Products Distributor
To learn more about The Hose Shop as a Dixon Products distributor or about the products themselves, please call us today at 732-562-1000. A specialist will be happy to take your call. a

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