Wednesday, March 9, 2016

American Made Hose in NJ

Remember when “Made in the USA” meant something? Or, a better question is: do you remember when you could actually find products that held this label? The United States built its reputation as one of the best examples of an industrialized nation for a good reason: the land always stood for quality and durable materials. In some industries, this is still a reality. Particularly in the manufacturing of hoses of all types. This trend is coming back with strong results in the industry, and we hope to continue this trend and bring you a quality American made hose in NJ.

The Hose Shop, established in 1985, is committed to serving our customers with expert customer care and leading products known for their durability and reliability. We have experience with a wide variety of hose brands, and have kept those that give optimal usage and customer satisfaction. An American made hose in NJ by brands including Parker and Dixon, to name a couple, provides quality solutions when you need them. At The Hose Shop, our hose professionals will assist you in finding the hose that fits your industry, application, and price-range.

One of the biggest benefits to buying an American made hose in NJ is that it helps you to promote your brand. When customers hear that your products were made and purchased here at home, they are much more likely to trust and support your ongoing success. Using American made products helps the economy and provides more jobs and opportunities. More than this, your customers will see that you stand for the quality that made our nation great.

Hoses come in all shapes and sizes. Many contractors may be confused with regards to the metric system and how it effects their work. You can find hoses measured in both, and the differences can really effect the work. Using the American standard measurement system, you don't have to become a scientist to understand what you're buying and building. Inches and their fractional counterparts are easy to understand, even for the laymen.

Another benefit to an American made hose in NJ is that you can be sure they will work as intended with your American appliances. Buying other hoses is not always a recipe for success. Often times the fit is not as comfortable as you'd like it. Think of it like this: you can buy a cheap iPhone charger at the dollar store or you can buy one from Apple. They both do the job, but which would you prefer?

For more information about an American made hose in NJ, call The Hose Shop at (732) 562-1000.

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