Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hydraulic Hose Manufacturers

As far as hydraulic hoses, you won't find a better Hydraulic Hose manufacturer than The Hose Shop. Based in our very own New Jersey, The Hose Shop has been deemed 'the one stop shop' for all hose needs since 1985. That's 130 years in business! The Hose Shop not only provides quality hydraulic and other hoses in America, but exports them world wide as well. Our experienced technical staff, extensive inventory, and multiple work stations allow us to fill custom orders in a matter of minutes. Try that for efficiency!

Whatever your hydraulic hose needs, you are assured of getting it in no time when you visit The Hose Shop. Our knowledgeable technical staff, with over 100 years of experience to call upon, have the ability to help you design a hydraulic hose assembly to meet your specific needs and to manufacture whatever assembly you had in mind. At our one stop hose shop we have the ability to fabricate assemblies of up to 6 wire hoses, with pressures up to 5500 psi. Our five crimping stations are capable of providing medium, high and ultra-high pressures with ID's from 3/16” to 2”ID, and allow us to complete the order on the spot. 

Call for more information or visit us to find out how we can meet all your hydraulic hose needs today! 

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